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The Most Popular Destinations in Aceh
Aceh is a Province at the tip of the island of Sumatra which is the western end of Indonesia.

Aceh has many exotic and amazing tourist attractions, so visiting Banda Aceh can also provide a different and exciting holiday sensation.

So visitors, travelers or travelers need not be confused looking for tourist attractions in Banda Aceh, because we will briefly review tourist attractions in Aceh. Here are some attractions in Aceh
Sabang area in the western tip of Indonesia crossed the island for a great vacation. Especially holidays to ACEH and beautiful sea crossing to Sabang Island. To get there you can rent a car from Medan

The island is located at the end of Indonesia has an unparalleled natural beauty. Stunning natural beauty from the sinking island of Sabang, the beauty of the underwater nature, the beauty of black sand beaches, historic fortresses, and much more. A very good natural potential makes Sabang island very frequented foreign and local tourists.
Danau Laut Tawar
The next tourist spot in Aceh is a fresh sea lake located in the Gayo Highlands of Central Aceh district. West of this beach is Takengon city, Takengon city is the capital of Central Aceh. The lake with an area of ​​about 5,472 hectares and its length reaches up to 3,219 km has become one of the tourist destinations in Aceh which is a pity to miss. Tourists can see this lake from the highlands of Gayo, from the Highlands can be seen how spacious the lake is. With quite a beautiful view and cool air, it feels like visitors will not be disappointed to enjoy the scenery around the lake when viewed from a pretty amazing height.
Lampuuk Beach
Lampuuk Beach is one of the beautiful beaches not far from the city of Banda Acah. Lampuuk Beach has extraordinary natural beauty. With Nan Blue Ocean, the friendly waves, the white sand reflecting the sunlight makes the visitor's eyes light up to see its natural beauty.

Traditional huts are lined by the beach to sit and rest.

Besides the beauty of the beach offered, at Lampuuk Beach also provides a culinary tour. Culinary Tour is a favorite in Fish Grill Lampuuk Beach. Besides grilled fish are still many other food provided on Lampuuk beach.

On the beach there are also games banana boat Lampuuk often attract visitors. This Game is very challenging Banana Boat adrenaline. The visitors were taken around and around the sea around Lampuuk beach and dropped in the middle of the sea. But don't be afraid of comprehensive safety equipment to avoid harm to visitors. But remember, for visitors with heart disease do not try can be a danger yourself

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